Amazon Brand Registry - What's the BIG DEAL?!?

Learn how to get into Brand Registry, what new tools become available to you, and how to leverage them to generate more sales.


Created By Chad Lacy

What You'll Get In This Program:

What Amazon Brand Registry is and WHY you need it

What the requirements are to join Brand Registry

How to navigate the process of joining Brand Registry

How to take advantage of all the additional services and features Amazon provides you once in Brand Registry


Join Chad as he takes you on a deep dive into what Amazon Brand Registry is all about. You'll learn the steps it takes to get into Brand Registry, the benefits for being in Brand Registry, and spend time in each service that are only available to Brand Registry sellers. Learn how to leverage Project Zero & Transparency to rid yourself of counterfeiters and high-jackers. Explore new ways of advertising your products and brands. And Chad will show you how to set up your own virtual Amazon Store and go Live with customers.


Welcome – Intro:

What is Brand Registry? What are the benefits? Do I need it to be successful on Amazon?

What are the requirements to join Brand Registry?

Let’s talk about trademarks. What are they? What’s a Service Mark (SM)? What’s a Trademark ™, and what’s the registered mark ®. 

Do I trademark my company logo or my product logo?

Do I need a lawyer or can I do this on my own? What about finding someone on Fiverr to do it for me?

So, I have to wait almost a year after filing for my trademark before I can join Brand Registry? No, let’s talk about IP Accelerator and its costs

OK, remind me again why I’m doing all of this? What are the benefits? Let’s talk about Amazon Transparency and Project Zero

Deeper dive into some of the additional services available to Brand Registry: First, A+ Content (or Enhanced Brand Content)

Add videos to your product listings

Create an Amazon Store with vanity URL (

Sponsored Brand Ads

Amazon Live Creator: Think QVC or HSN for Amazon and you get to direct all the action LIVE

Amazon Attribution: Discover how you non-Amazon digital marketing (social, email, search ads) are driving sales on Amazon.

Customer Reviews

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Great course..LOTS of info!
Chad Lacy studies... So you don't have to!
Great break down of Brand Registry.


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