Cash Flow Strategies

Learn the key fundamentals of a KILLER Cash Flow strategy. I breakdown what you need to know for long term business success!


Created By Corbin Martin

What You'll Learn In This Program:

The fundamentals of a solid Cash Flow strategy

How to think ahead in each financial decision you make in your business

What matters for your business, and what doesn’t

Setting up your business for long term success


I find it strange that there are so many videos out there that teach you how to sell, and not a lot on how to run and manage your business.

It’s like trying to teach someone basketball and only showing them how to shoot 3-pointers and leaving out passing, defense, strategy, conditioning etc.

If you don’t know the basic fundamentals of day-to-day and overall business strategy, then your sales will only take you so far.

I’m here to help you see the big picture. To understand the tools you have as a business owner to set yourself up for success and long term growth.

I will show you why Cash Flow is important, break down the key concepts, and how to exploit them to your advantage. And I will throw in a few nuggets of information that I have learned along the way as well.

Is Cash Flow sexy? NO
Is Cash Flow entertaining? MAYBE
Is Cash Flow crucial for the success of your business? ABSOLUTELY


Introduction and Background - Who Is This Clown And Why Should I Listen To Him?

What is Cash Flow? - You should probably know what this is

Peaks and Valleys - Getting our nerd on. Thinking like an analyst!

The TWO Key Concepts - The two things you NEED to understand for an understand of basic Cash Flow

Why is Cash Flow SO Important?? - If you don’t understand WHY, then your business WILL fail!

Get PAID Sooner - This has so many benefits. Just because you sell on Amazon doesn’t mean you need to be paid on their terms!

Pay Later - A business is NOT the same as your personal finance. This will explain WHY

Using the Cash Flow Template - Excel’s template sucks! I re-made it with my skills. I use this now, because it’s THAT GOOD!

[BONUS] – Check Floating - Old School way of extending your cash. (I learned this from my dad lol)

[BONUS] – Amazon Invoice Hack - No one knows about this. But can be an easy $1,000 credit line!

When to Pay in CASH - When should you break my rules

DEBT - Debt is not a bad thing! This is the biggest misunderstanding about business finance. And if you can understand why, then you will be unstoppable!

China Shipping HACK.  - What I did to reduce my cash leaving my bank account while also getting things done!

Inventory & Cash Flow - This is probably your biggest expense. Get a handle on it!

Closing - Wrapping it all up. Crash Course!


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