Clicks to Bricks - Get Your Products on Shelves and Cash-In on Brick and Mortar Stores

Your Amazon business doesn’t have to just grow online. Take advantage of classic Brick and Mortar Stores to create more sales.


Created By Mike Vail

What You'll Get In This Program:

The Low-Tech Way To Create The Perfect Sales Presentation

How to use Facebook to create a tool that will help you make sales

Mike's Simple "Doable Plan of Attack"

Access to Mike Vail via email and a private Facebook group


Mike Vail, owner of Cedar Sense, got his products into 24 stores in just 30 days. In the Clicks to Bricks Academy, Mike walks you through the entire process in an incredibly down-to-earth style that makes learning simple.


Unleash The Secret Tool You Already Have!

You're Gonna Flip Over How Easy This Method is to Build Your Target Social Media Army!

The Secret to Making Your Product Packing Standout on the Shelf

When You're Face-to-face, You've Got to Be the Smartest Person in the Room, Especially About This One Thing!

How a Bar of Soap Helped Mike Land His First Store.
Pay Attention, You May Need Your Own Bar of Soap!

Mike's Easy Way To Establish Price Point

Store Types: To Succeed, You'll Want to Shoot For the Stars, Right?

Look the Part, Smell the Part

Your Opening Sentence Will Set the Ground-
Work for the Entire Sale. Here's What to Say.

Don't Waste Your Time Talking To the Wrong Person. Talk to THIS Person Instead!

The Secret Weapon That Almost Always Guarantees the Sale!
Use This Sparingly!

Creating the Perfect Presentation

It's Time to Put the Facebook Flip to Work for You

Showtime! A Quick Birds-Eye Look at the Entire Process

Seller/Buyer Roleplay

When and How Should You Offer Exclusivity?

Be Prepared to Hear the Word NO

Celebrate Your Sale

Building Relationships that Last

When and How to Get Your UPC Code

Your Hard Work Paid Off!

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