Credit Secrets, FBA Funding, and Luxury Travel on a Budget

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Created By Ryan Stevens, Elite Amazon Coach, Credit expert

Would you, like to receive $100 deposited into your checking account for FREE?

That wasn’t a “click-baity” trick to get you to watch this video. I mean it. I’ll show you how you can learn the super easy secret of how to get a free hundred bucks.

First, let me ask you three quick questions. I kind of already covered the first one, but I’ll ask it again anyway.

1. How would you like to discover the easiest way to get $100. It’s not hard at all, trust me, you can do it. There are no strings attached. This is called a bank credit and you’ll never need to pay it back. The money is yours. They want you to have it. It’s a gift.

2. How would you like to learn the exact steps Ryan used to multiply those bank credits we just talked about from a measly $100 to enough so he could pay for his entire first round of inventory of his Amazon products 100%. Guys, this is the ultimate hack o Amazon. It’s easier to make more profit if you got your product for free. Especially when starting out.

3. How would you enjoy traveling like an absolute rockstar even if you currently live on a roadie’s budget? Imagine buying a cheap ticket to Vegas, getting bumped up to First Class at no extra charge. Then imagine getting your rental car upgraded from a cheap Nissan Egg to a luxury Mercedes-Benz, at no additional cost, and finally having your hotel room upgraded from a broom closet to a luxury suite with spending a penny more?

9U Elite coach Ryan Stevens just release his long-awaited Academy called “Credit Secrets, FBA Funding, and Luxury Travel on a Budget”. You’ll learn how to do all of this stuff and more in this awesome academy.

But first I have to come clean. I lied to you.

Remember that first question I asked? The one about getting a free bank credit of $100 with no strings involved...

Well, there is kind of a string...

You won’t get $100.

You’ll actually get $250.

So, let me tell you why I said you’ll get a hundred instead of $250.

First of all, you’ll learn exactly how to get the $250. That’s not a lie. Ryan shows you exactly what to do in his academy.

But I figured the smarter move would be for you to buy Ryan’s academy for the special launch price of $147. Then you’ll discover the simple secret of how to get your first $250 bank credit, and then just pocket the extra $100 bucks.

Smart right?

And remember, Ryan actually shares how to get many of these bank credits. Some even more than $250. You never need to pay them back. They are gifts from the bank.

Remember, Ryan got so many of these free bank credits he paid for his entire first round of inventory. And he shows you exactly how he did it, and it’s not hard.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get with Credit Secrets, FBA Funding, and Luxury Travel on a Budget!

There are over 20 videos in this academy. And if you’ve ever been on Ryan’s live streams, you know how he coaches. Always fun and easy to understand.

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Credit Secrets, FBA Funding, and Luxury Travel on a Budget is available to the public for $297, Nine U students currently get an extra $100 off so your price is normally $197. And that is a great deal.

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