Find It Prove It Sell It

These six words, along with Boost Nine Pro, have the potential to change your life forever.

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Created By Dan Schulz & Dwight Gelowitz

What You'll Learn In This Program:

How to best use Boost Nine Pro to validate your products

You'll discover how to turn your ideas of what products to sell on Amazon into gold

How to dodge and weave common obstacles thrown at you by suppliers.

You'll see how 2 crazy old guys bash out new products over and over with confidence.


Dwight and Dan have built a couple of multiple seven-figure businesses in e-commerce and training. They bring their unique style of badass training to the Academy by 9U. Their sole mission is to help you keep more of your money in your pocket when building your Amazon FBA business. These guys are the bomb. Pretty impressive for a couple of fat, lazy guys?

Part One: Boost Nine Pro. The Super Car Just Got Superer

Let’s Install Boost Nine Pro

Taking a Closer Look at Boost Nine Pro’s Overview Page

Exploring Boost Nine Pro’s Products Page

Do You Believe in Magic? Buckle the Hell in, this is Where the Fun Begins!

Pro Tip One

Pro Tip Two

Part Two: The Powerful But Easy Three Phase Market Evaluation System

An Introduction to the Three Phase Market Evaluation System

Phase One: The Competitive Landscape Breakdown

The Competitive Landscape Breakdown (conituned)

The Competitive Landscape Breakdown (conituned)

How to Find Some Great Starter Keywords by Rolling Up Your Sleeves

Steal the ACTUAL Keywords Your Competitors Are Using to Generate Their Sales!

Work Smarter, Not Harder! Beat the Big Guys With These Magic Keywords!

BEWARE! Here's the PPC Trap All Amazon FBA Sellers Need to Avoid!

Phase 3: The ROI and Sourcing Check

WARNING: If You Want To Make Money With FBA Do Not Skip This Video!

How to Find a Good Supplier Without Getting Taken Advantage of

Top 3 Negotiating Mistakes FBA Sellers Make... And How to Avoid Them!

Review Reconnaissance and Differentiation!

Bonus Resources

The Final Leg!

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Great course..LOTS of info!


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