How to Target Traffic With Pinterest Ads. A Way to Increase YOUR Organic Sales!

Why you HATE money if your not using Pinterest! Learn how to increase your audience organically and through ads to help EXPLODE your Amazon or Shopify business!


Created By Kyle Stephens

What You'll Learn In This Program:

You will learn how to create and maintain a Pinterest account that converts to a REAL AUDIENCE and REAL CUSTOMERS! 

Then you will be taught how to create pins and boards and PROPERLY OPTIMIZE them for conversions and engagments! 

Once we have pins created, I walk you through how to use a constant stream of content to grow your audience. (I even show you a way to automate it!)

Finally, we will go over Pinterest ads and how to specifically take your best converting pins and convert them into ads for Amazon or Shopify! And just for good measure, I even threw in a couple of product research hacks using Pinterest!


Growing and scaling an e-commerce business is TOUGH! Competition is fierce and your not sure how to gain a competitive advantage. One word: PINTEREST! 

Pinterest is an often overlooked and underutilized tool by SO MANY entrepreneurs. People disregard it, believing it is just a place for soccer moms to hang out online. WRONG! 

Pinterest is a perfect combination of Facebook, Google and Amazon all rolled into one! 

Not only are Pinterest ads typically cheaper than running paid traffic on Facebook and Google, you can rank much easier on Pinterest and drive REAL traffic to your Amazon or Shopify stores FAST! 

Not wanting to spend money on paid ads initially? NO PROBLEM! In this program, I walk you step by step how to create an AMAZING Pinterest account, as well as pins and boards, that will convert organically ABSOLUTELY FREE! If your business could use something extra to add to your arsenal, DON'T SLEEP ON PINTEREST!


Intro - Welcome! IT’S SHOWTIME - LET’S GO!!!!

What the HECK is PINTEREST?! - What Pinterest ACTUALLY is and why YOU HATE MONEY if you’re not using it!

Setting up your BUSINESS PROFILE - Similar to a FB or Instagram page, your Pinterest profile will be what the customer sees and how they interact with your brand

Navigating the creative hub - Understanding the Pinterest business dashboard and what to focus on most!

Step 2 - Creating and Optimizing Content

It’s ALL ABOUT the Keyword Research - Finding the BEST keywords to target

OPTIMIZING your page! - How to properly optimize your brand profile to increase organic reach and get more FREE traffic!

Creating your FIRST PIN - How to create your first pin!

Optimizing your pins for CONVERSIONS! - Learning the power of proper pin optimization to get more eyeballs on your content - Pin Title

Optimizing your pins for CONVERSIONS! - Learning the power of proper pin optimization to get more eyeballs on your content - Pin Description

Optimizing your pins for CONVERSIONS! - Learning the power of proper pin optimization to get more eyeballs on your content - Pin Thumbnail

And the winner for BEST PICTURE, goes to…. - The importance of a STRONG thumbnail to drive traffic to your page! 

Optimizing PICTURES for CONVERSIONS - Changing titles and sizing of pictures to fit the PINTEREST ALGORITHM

Organizing your pins using BOARDS - Make your customers experience as SOLID AS POSSIBLE with a fluid and easy to follow page!

Optimizing your boards - Changing title and description for ENHANCED SEO

Creating Seasonal boards to leverage HUGE holiday traffic and keywords

Creating wedding boards to leverage HUGE wedding interests!

Setting up your Pinterest Tag - Understanding your audience with super intuitive insights!

Track your CONVERSIONS like a BOSS - setting up your conversion event tracker

Step 3 - Growing Your Audience ORGANICALLY

SCALE your audience FAST! - Intro into growing your audience

Re-pinning = WINNING - How to repin similar pins to gain a WHOLE NEW audience!

Constant Content - The IMPORTANCE of maintaining a constant stream of content to keep your audience engaged!cccc

OUTSOURCING your content! - No time to pin?! No worries! Automate it by using Tailwind scheduler to automatically schedule our pins in advance!

Group Pins - Are they worth it?!

Step 4 - Pinterest Ads for Amazon and Shopify

How it works! - The different type of Pinterest ads and the BEST ones to use for AMAZON and SHOPIFY

Project Insight - Taking advantage of ADVANCED targeting with audience insights

TEST. TEST. TEST! - It’s all about testing to see what converts and what doesn't!

Creating Amazon ads - How to create a great looking ad, optimized for Amazon traffic and boost your Amazon sales rank!

Creating Shopify ads - How to create ads build to strengthen your Pinterest tag

BONUS SECTION - Product Research Using Pinterest

Using the Pinterest autofill and following the rabbit hole!

Using Pinterest Homepages and broad niches to find GREAT product ideas

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