Mining For Gold

Product Research is no longer a pain in the ass! Join me and I will show you how to become a professional at finding the perfect product.

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Created By Lindsey Goin

What You'll Learn In This Program:

A whole new way to look at product research.

What tools can help you be successful.

Tricks to make product research easier

Guidelines to what makes the “perfect” product.


Have you been beating your head against the wall, thinking there must not be any products left?!? Why continue to struggle when I could teach you how to find the perfect product over and over again? Finding the perfect product can be the hinge to your success and I am here to show you how to find one the easy way. If you want your business to start out with a solid, sturdy foundation then finding that perfect product is essential. I am here to show you how incredibly simple product research can be. Become a professional at product research with one, easy to follow, entertaining class!

Mining For Gold


Section 1 - Guidlines

Introduction into the first section of Mining For Gold

Success In 2 Numbers

What To Avoid

Restricted Products

Forbidden Fruit

Section 2 - Software


Digging with Xray and Blackbox

Digging with Zonbase

Digging with Boost 9 Pro

Digging for Free

Quit Pulling your Hair Out

Look like an Effing Genius

Last Trick

Section 3 - Watch Me Work

Watch me Work

Digging Deep Product #1

Digging Deep Product #2

Digging Deep Product #3

Being Different is Essential

Listen Up

Simma Down Nah!


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