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You’ll discover his secrets of how to take photos that will jump off the page, and do it without spending an arm and a leg!

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Created By Kyle Stephens

I can’t spend any more money on trying to start my Amazon business. I hit a brick wall that has completely stopped me and I have no choice but to quit.

That's what a student told me last week on a Zoom call.

Here’s her story.

I’ll call her Marie. Marie found her dream product, she negotiated the price down as low as she could, and, she had saved up enough money to pay for her first round of inventory.


There’s always a but :(

She didn’t have enough money for professional photos.

She could either order enough product to launch successfully, OR she could hire a professional photographer.

She couldn’t do both.

She told me she came up with an idea. She said she found a guy on Fiverr who said he could do it for $10.

But that $10 quickly turned into...
$20 when she said she needed white backgrounds, and then,
that $20 turned into $150 when she asked for lifestyle shots, and then,
that $150 turned into “Umm, I can’t do that” when she asked for lifestyle shots that didn’t suck.

(And for the record, she sent me one of the Fiverr guy’s sample photos -- YUCK!)

That’s when she called me and said she just wanted to throw in the towel. She said this entire Amazon “pipe dream” has been nothing but a hole in the ground she keeps throwing money in.

I felt so bad for her. And truth be told I could 100% relate to her. Can you?

But, here’s what she didn’t know. And we say this all the time. There are no roadblocks, only road-bumps. And there is always a workable path around the bumps.

This particular bump was an easy one.

She just needed to turn to my friend. He’s the one guy I know who’s superpower is taking inexpensive product photos.

I told her she probably already knows him. In fact, if you’re even a little active in the Facebook groups, there’s a good chance YOU already know this person too.

So, I told her, exactly what I’ll tell you. If you find yourself in that same position, there’s only one guy you should talk to.

His name is Deryk Faber. He also wanted to spend more o his money on products rather than photos, so he figured how to do just that.

He broke his entire step-by-step process down for you in his new Academy called "Run & Gun: Making Effective Product Images On A Tight Budget."

After watching videos, you’ll discover his secrets of how to take photos that will jump off the page, and do it without spending an arm and a leg!

How would that feel if you could take pro pictures anytime you wanted?!

It’ one of the secrets many super-sellers know. An easy way to increase sales is to update your product photos throughout the year. For example, one of the universal truths about marketing is, it’s a hell of a lot easier to sell people if you can enter into the conversation they’re already having in their heads. So, for example, if the fall season is coming up, make sure to include some fall decor near your product. Trust me, throwing a pumpkin next to your product can make a big difference in conversion rates. Same with Christmas. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to sell people your product if it’s showcased in front of a sled leaning against a wall in the background next to a Christmas wreath hanging on a door. See what I mean? You are entering the conversation that person is having in their mind. They are already thinking about the holidays. They are looking for gifts to buy. Right?

Updating these pictures is a lot easier to do if YOU’RE the person shooting them!

I don’t have time to go over every video in this academy, we would be here all day. But let me share my favorite trick I learned from Deryk. And it is AWESOME.

Your mission is to take a beautiful lifestyle photo of your product, surrounded by expensive furnishing in a beautiful upscale home. The problem is you don't live in a fancy upscale home. You live in a cramped apartment with a cat litter box in the corner. And, the only wall where you might have enough room to use as a backdrop for your product has a big nail hole in it from a mirror that fell down.

So you know your place isn’t going to work.

But, after watching Deryk’s academy, you’ll know one of his superpower tricks. And I’m not going to give the trick away, but I want you to imagine yourself sitting in your car, with your camera and your product in a backpack.

And now, I want you to imagine yourself sitting in your car ten minutes later. You grab your keys. Start your car, and drive away.

What just happened in those ten minutes?

You just pulled off the sneakily awesome “Run & Gun” method of getting your lifestyle pictures done in the perfect location that showcases your unique product.

You didn’t set anything up in advance, all you did was drove to a secret location, walked in, took your pictures, and ten minutes later, walked out with some kick-ass product images that you would normally need to pay hundreds of dollars for. And you paid nothing because you are now a run & gunner!

And that’s this academy’s superpower ;)
Run & Gun: Making Effective Product Images On A Tight Budget is on sale now.
Don't miss your chance to get the knowledge and tools you need to create spectacular images that will force your potential buyers to take notice of your products and turn them from “shoppers” to “buyers”, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring professional photographers.
And like we do with every course featured in the Academy by Nine U, it's priced inexpensively enough so you can afford it -- because you need it.

To recap, you’ll get Run & Gun: Making Effective Product Images On A Tight Budget which means you’ll be able to stop struggling with trying to figure out how you can create great product photos without spending all your money.

Press the BUY NOW button and let's get started today!


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