Stop Throwing Money Away with Amazon PPC

In this course, we will discuss what I have learned after managing literally THOUSANDS of Amazon accounts over the years past 10 years...


Created By Matt Smith

What You'll Learn In This Program:

We will cover the BIG picture and methodology of advertising on Amazon. We will cover the overall percentages of organic vs PPC revenue and what you can expect and over time. How much should I budget for advertising? We will cover the revenue numbers you need to generate in order to be PROFITABLE selling on Amazon. We will also review some of the advertising jargon and what they mean for you; 

We will cover how to set up a basic Amazon campaign. We will look at the campaign structuring. We will analyze how to find keywords and what match types to use.

You will learn actual tactics you can use today to target keywords that will save you money. What if my competitors have more reviews? What if my listings are more expensive? We will discuss targets and how to pick targets that will convert!

Have you created ads and now aren’t sure what edits to make? In this module we will map out the correct steps to take to help your ads perform with the highest efficiency! We will dive into the weeds and look at the keyword level what changes to make. We will cover bidding and when to move a term to a negative keyword.


Have you spent money with Amazon advertising and regretted it? Do you have a product picked out but you are unsure how pay per click ads will affect your sales and your success on Amazon? In this course, we will discuss what I have learned after managing literally THOUSANDS of Amazon accounts over the years past 10 years. We will cover the big picture of Amazon PPC. I will review how you can stop wasting money! My goal is to deliver a course to help you save more money in the first month of running ads then the cost of this course.


Intro and Overview

Module 1 - Advertising big picture and methodology

Traffic and Conversions

Road to the profitability - Realistic Spend Expectations

Big Picture - 70% Organic vs 30% Paid

ACOS - Advertising Cost of Sale

Break-Even ACOS


Module 2 - First things first

Do you have competitive advantages over the competing ASIN’s?

Reviews are king!

Retail Price Comparison

BSR - Best Sellers Rank


Module 3 - Ads Creation

Campaign Structure - Manual vs Automatic

Match Types

Campaign creation - bidding - budgets - conclusion

Module 4 - You Have to Optimize - Reporting and Optimization

Amazon Advertising reports

Reading the advertising report

Editing bids

Analyzing the advertising report

Negative targets and lowering bids - conclusion

Module 5 - Understanding Ad Placements

Overview of placements

Modifiers - how to adjust

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