The Review Tsunami - Kyle Stephens

Reviews are INCREDIBLY important to your Amazon FBA business! They can drastically transform your business with more reviews! 

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Created By Kyle Stephens

What You'll Learn In This Program:

Why reviews aren’t nearly as hard as people think and it comes down to 1 thing: Having an ACTION PLAN

No matter what stage of your business you are in, reviews play a role and there are strategies for ANYONE!

How to scale your business in totally unique ways that will get you reviews in the process!

Creating relationships outside of Amazon that will help your Amazon business (and reviews) PROSPER and GROW!


Reviews are not that important! Said NO Amazon FBA seller EVER! 

The truth is reviews are EVERYTHING! They are the LIFEBLOOD of your business! They have the potential to literally transform your business! 

Seriously! Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a second and picture this: You are looking to purchase a product from Amazon. 

Without having the luxury of physically touching it, seeing it, feeling it like you would in a brick and mortar store, how do you make a buying decision? 

One word: REVIEWS. They give your product and overall Amazon store legitimacy. When is the last time you purchased a product with ZERO reviews? Or even with 10 reviews? 20 reviews? Chances are probably almost never. Point being, reviews have a DIRECT correlation to your sales. The more social proof you have, the more likely a customer is to purchase from you. It’s simple as that!

In this program, we lay out a TON of different review methods. Ultimately, there is something in here for everyone, all you have to do is decide which methods are best for your business and then go out and get a S*** TON of reviews!


Intro - Welcome to the Jungle!

IMPORTANCE of reviews - Motivation to get reviews! - Holy S*** these are IMPORTANT! 

Why do so many people struggle with reviews?! - SPOILER ALERT don’t worry about reviews, we’ve got you covered!

Disclaimer - Some topics may or may not be against TOS, do which are best for you and your business!

Social Reviews

Intro to the tactic - Leveraging SOCIAL MEDIA - No not Facebook review groups or Nine U groups, were talking using groups related to YOUR PRODUCT

The Quick 10 Method! Also known as the Full Force Tactic - Using a simple quick “newbie” post to get TONS of reviews (maybe even some great picture reviews)

Going Stealth mode - Don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself in the groups?

Scaling this strategy - Nothing draws a crowd, like a crowd - building a loyal army of reviewers and getting ORGANIC sales

The Revved-Up Review Profit Accelerator Method! Also known as The POWER of the ADMIN - Cutting a SWEET deal with group admins to MAKE MONEY on your reviews and grow your sales ORGANICALLY!

Intro to the tactic - Leveraging content creators and websites - Using their following for OUR GAIN! 

Review Sites/Content Creators

Intro To The Tactic - Leveraging Content Creators And Websites - Using Their Following For OUR GAIN!

BIG Followings = BIG reviews - Leveraging niche specific blogs to get FAST reviews and GROW sales

The Fast Flush Negative Review Method - Leveraging niche specific YouTubers to get FAST reviews and GROW sales

Don’t forget about REVIEW SITES - Utilizing review websites to rank your product and get reviews


Writing your OWN reviews - Writing your reviews for the Friends and Family review hack 

Letting Amazon do the work for you - Using the EARLY REVIEWER PROGRAM!

Converting seller feedback to REVIEWS - Getting customers that left a product review under seller feedback and switching to a review!

Getting UNVERIFIED reviews - Leveraging reviews you may have gotten elsewhere to jumpstart your reviews


THANK YOU! - Now go get a S*** TON of reviews!

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