The Three Pillars of Incredibly Badass Negotiation Success

Negotiation Role-play and Advanced Techniques...

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Created By Dan Schulz & Dwight Gelowitz

What You'll Learn In This Program:

Why you suck at negotiation. No offense, but you probably do.

You'll discover how to turn your initial request for quotes into a flurry of responses from suppliers

How to dodge and weave common obstacles thrown at you by Alibaba suppliers.

You'll see a real-life roleplay of what to say to get the upper hand in every negotiation you enter.


Dwight and Dan have built a couple of multiple seven-figure businesses in e-commerce and training. They bring their unique style of badass training to the Academy by 9U. Their sole mission is to help you keep more of your money in your pocket when building your Amazon FBA business. These guys are the bomb. Pretty impressive for a couple of fat, lazy guys?

Before You Begin

We Respectfully Ask That You Wear a Cup

Welcome to the Three Pillars of Incredibly Badass Negotiation

Pillar One: The Mindset

Understanding Why Guanxi is the Most Important Badass Tool You’ll Need for Every Negotiation With a Chinese Supplier

The Biggest Reason You SUCK at Negotiation

Three Exercises That’ll Help Train Your Brain to Get the Upper Hand in Every Negotiation

Pillar Two: The Approach

Important Stuff You Need to Know Before You Start Negotiating

Prepare for Battle - What Master Negotiators Know That You Don’t

HUGE Mistakes Even Seasoned Negotiators Make

Crafting the Perfect Initial Contact

How to Find the Average Monthly Sales of Your Top Competitors

Pillar Three: The Execution

The Final Steps Before You Become a Master Negotiator

Here’s Our Super Short, Super Effective Initial Request for Quotes

The Fat and Lazy Guy's Way to Get Real Smart, Real Fast!

The Badass Supplier Quote Tracker

Roleplay Round 1 - The Sensational 8-Round Battle Begins With The Initial Contact

Roleplay Round 2 - Sparring With the B-Team to Gain Knowledge

Roleplay Round 3 - How to Negotiate a Low Minimum Order Quantity

Roleplay Round 4 - What to Say When the Price Is Too High

Roleplay Round 5 - What if the Supplier Asks About Your Budget?

Roleplay Round 6 - How to Answer When Asked for Your Website or Amazon Store Name

Roleplay Round 7 - Let’s Play Oddball! Dealing With Unexpected Short-Term Issues

Roleplay Round 8 - The Walk Away With the Hail Mary

And the Adventure Begins

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